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Schema Registry for your GraphQL Workflows

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GraphQL client and Code Generator.

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Getting Started#


SwiftGraphQL is a Swift code generator and a lightweight GraphQL client. It lets you create queries using Swift, and guarantees that every query you create is valid.

The library is centered around three core principles:

  • 🚀 If your project compiles, your queries work.
  • 🦉 Use Swift in favour of GraphQL wherever possible.
  • 🌳 Your application model should be independent of your schema.

Here's a short preview of the SwiftGraphQL code

import SwiftGraphQL // Define a Swift model. struct Human: Identifiable { let id: String let name: String let homePlanet: String? } // Create a selection. let human = Selection.Human { Human( id: try $, name: try $, homePlanet: try $0.homePlanet() ) } // Construct a query. let query = Selection.Query { try $0.humans(human.list) } // Perform the query. send(query, to: "") { result in if let data = try? result.get() { print(data) // [Human] } }